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The Bitch is Back [August 09, 2007 5:00am]
[ mood | tired ]

I deleted most of my posts. I want to start a new. Most of my friends probably don't read this or get on the site any more. But maybe I'll make new ones. I just need some where else to go to sort my thoughts other than Myspace... *shrugs*

And if I'm able to get more into graphics, it'll help.

I may be losing the net for a short period of time. But it won't be more than a couple weeks.

Uh... the end.

[August 16, 2006 6:58pm]
God is empty, just like me


Friends Only [July 15, 2006 12:38am]

This journal is, for the most part, friends only.

Please comment here and let me know what's up with you and why you want me as a friend. I'm not trying to give the third degree, just give me a general idea. If we have common interests or something I'll probably add you.

All my fans are so important to me ;)

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