Lately it Occurs to Me...

What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been

20 June 1989
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Um... My name is Nikki and I'm 17 years old. I used to be eldritchlove. I was gone from the internet for a while, and felt the need to refresh my internet accounts, because I have changed a little bit since then and wanted to start a new.

I live in an apartment in Springfield, Missouri with my boyfriend of two and a half years, Billie. We also live with our goofy friend, Tyler. We live a pretty humble life at home, but enjoy to party whenever we can. Even if it's just the three of us. Hah.

I'm currently working as a telemarketer. I hate it and want to quit my job. Unfortunately, the pay is high, the expectations are low, and I don't see any better opportunities at the present moment. Hm...


I like a lot of different types of music that I'll go into more depth about later. For right now I'll just list a few of my favorite artists and songs, right now...

Artists: Belle & Sebastian, Eels, Eminem, Grateful Dead, Incubus

'California Love' - 2pac
'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' - Belle & Sebastain
'Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl' - Broken Social Scene
'Disco Dancing Machines' - Dirty Beatniks
'Crazy' - Gnarls Berkley
'Neither of Us Can See' - Incubus feat. Chrissie Hynde


Eventually, I'll put up a more attractive, more detailed user info with some graphics and such. But not now.

Check out, my graphic community sometime: graphic_echoes. It's kinda shitty right now, but give me some time to spruce it up a bit and get back into making more graphics and I hope it becomes something decent. Heh.


MSN: fadingecho@hotmail.com
YIM: discodancemachine
AIM: dirtybeatnikki
Myspace: lapsus_linguae
Bolt2: chemicalreaction


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